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SPRING Schedule  All New Dances everytime you take the class!
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Chandler School District Day Time Dates Registration Style
Santan Monday 3:10-4:10 2/5-3/5 Dance Fusion
Fulton Monday 3:05-4:05 4/9-5/7 Dance Fusion
Ryan Monday 3:05-4:05 4/9-5/7 Dance Fusion
Weinberg  Tuesday 3:10-4:10 2/6-3/6 Dance Fusion
CTA Liberty Tuesday 2:45-3:45 2/6-3/6 Dance Fusion
Basha Tuesday 3:05-4:05 4/10-5/8 Dance Fusion
Riggs Tuesday 3:15-4:15 4/10-5/8 Dance Fusion
Carlson Wednesday 3:05-4:05 2/7-3/7 Dance Fusion
Hancock Wednesday 3:15-4:15 2/7-3/7 Dance Fusion
CTA Humphrey Wednesday 2:45-3:45 2/7-3/7 Dance Fusion
Jacobson Wednesday 3:05-4:05 4/11-5/9 Dance Fusion
Patterson Wednesday 3:15-4:15 4/11-5/9 Dance Fusion
Shumway Wednesday 2:45-3:45 4/11-5/9 Dance Fusion
Navarrette Thursday 3:10-4:10 2/1-3/8 Dance Fusion
Hull  Thursday 3:05-4:05 2/1-3/8 Dance Fusion
CTA Freedom Thursday 2:55-3:55 4/12-5/10 Dance Fusion
Galveston Thursday 2:35-3:35 4/12-5/10 Dance Fusion
Gilbert School District Day Time Dates Registration Style
Towne Meadows Monday 3:30-4:30 2/5-3/5  Hip Hop/Jazz
Spectrum Monday 3:05-4:05 4/2-4/30  Hip Hop/Jazz
Finley Farms Monday 3:30-4:30 4/2-4/30  Cheer/Dance
Sonoma Ranch Tuesday 3:35-4:35 2/6-3/6  Hip Hop/Jazz
Superstition Springs Tuesday 3:05-4:05 2/6-3/6  Cheer/Dance
Meridian Tuesday 3:05-4:05 4/3-5/1  Cheer/Dance
Playa Del Rey Tuesday 3:45-4:45 4/3-5/1  Hip Hop/Jazz
Augusta Ranch Wednesday 2:45-3:45 2/7-2/28  Hip Hop/Jazz
Quartz Hill Wednesday 2:45-3:45 2/7-2/28  Cheer/Dance
Highland Park Wednesday 1:50-2:50 4/4-5/2  Cheer/Dance
Gilbert Thursday 3:05-4:05 2/8-3/8  Cheer/Dance
Oak Tree Thursday 3:30-4:30 2/8-3/8  Hip Hop/Jazz
Greenfield Thursday 3:30-4:30 4/5-5/3  Hip Hop/Jazz
Houston Thursday 2:50-3:50 4/5-5/3  Cheer/Dance
Mesquite Thursday 3:45-4:45 4/5-5/3  Hip Hop/Jazz
Carol Rae Ranch Friday 2:50-3:50 2/2-3/2  Hip Hop/Jazz
Val Vista Friday 3:05-4:05 2/2-3/2  Cheer/Dance
Settler's Point Friday 3:20-4:20 4/6-5/4  Hip Hop/Jazz
Canyon Rim Friday 3:20-4:20 4/6-5/4  Cheer/Dance
Kyrene School District Day Time Dates Registration Style
Colina Monday 2:40-3:40 2/12-5/7  Hip Hop/Jazz
Cielo Monday 2:40-3:40 2/12-5/7  Cheer/Dance
Mariposa Tuesday 2:40-3:40 2/20-5/1  Hip Hop/Jazz
Waggoner Tuesday 2:40-3:40 2/20-5/1  Cheer/Dance
Estrella Wednesday 12:40-1:40 2/21-5/2  Hip Hop/Jazz
Cerritos Wednesday 12:40-1:40 2/21-5/2  Cheer/Dance
KTA-Sureno Wednesday 12:40-1:40 2/21-5/2  Hip Hop/Jazz
Paloma Wednesday 12:40-1:40 2/21-5/2  Hip Hop/Jazz
Milenio Thursday 2:40-3:40 2/22-5/10  Hip Hop/Jazz
Sierra Thursday 2:40-3:40 2/22-5/10  Cheer/Dance
Monte Vista Thursday 2:40-3:40 2/22-5/10  Cheer/Dance
Esperanza Friday 2:40-3:40 2/26-5/4  Hip Hop/Jazz
Mirada Friday 2:40-3:40 2/26-5/4  Cheer/Dance
Scottsdale School District Day Time Dates Registration Style
Anasazi Monday 3:20-4:20 2/12-3/26 Cheer/Dance
Cheyenne Tuesday 2:20-3:20 2/13-3/27 Hip Hop/Jazz
Desert Canyon Wednesday 3:20-4:20 2/7-3/28 Cheer/Dance
Kiva Thursday 3:20-4:20 2/15-3/29 Hip Hop/Jazz
Sequoya Thursday 3:20-4:20 4/5-5/17 Cheer/Dance
Cherokee Friday 3:20-4:20 2/16-3/23 Hip Hop/Jazz
City of Scottsdale Day Time Dates Registration Style
Tots Combo 3-6yrs           Monday 5:00-5:45 1/8-2/26      3/19-4/23 Ballet, Tap, Jazz
Hip Hop Combo 6-11yrs  Monday 5:50-6:35 1/8-2/26      3/19-4/23 Hip Hop/Jazz
Higley Day Time Dates Registration Style
Sossaman                             Tots Combo 3-6yrs Tuesday 2:40-3:15 or         3:25-4:00 2/13-4/3  Ballet, Tap, Jazz
Cooley                               Tots Combo 3-6yrs Thursday 2:40-3:15 or         3:25-4:00 2/15-4/5  Ballet, Tap, Jazz
EAGLE College Prep Day Time Dates Registration Style
Harmony Performing Arts School MTWRF 8-3:30pm Aug-May AZ Dance Standards
Mesa Performing Arts School MTWRF 8-3:30pm Aug-May AZ Dance Standards

*All Registration is done through your school district. You can register online or in person at your community education office.

*Anyone in Kinder-6th grade is welcome to sign up for the classes. You do not need to be a part of the school district to register.

What to Wear and Bring
*Students can wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Anything you have at home is perfect!

*Students can bring a water bottle to class.

*Students will stay on the school campus for dance. Their classroom teacher will direct them to dance. The dance instructor will stay with them during class. After dance the instructor will bring them to aftercare or out front for parent pick up.

*No School Days=No Afterschool Programs

Pick Up
*Please be on time for pick up. The dance instructors have other classes to teach and we wouldn't want them to be late to their next class.

*Performance will be on the last day of class. Come 30 minutes after the release of school to see what they have learned!

*Dancers arrive at normal time afterschool for a rehearsal before family and friends arrive.

*Performance Outfits: Dances can wear white shirts with black bottoms and comfortable shoes. Add a fun accessory if you would like...scarf, headband, bow, tie, bandanna, tutu, bracelets, necklaces, hats, or tie a shirt around their waist.

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